Pinterest Marketing 101 ebook: How to get started on Pinterest to drive organic traffic.

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Pinterest Marketing 101 ebook: How to get started on Pinterest to drive organic traffic.

Kordial Media
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Do you want more sales? higher conversions? more website traffic?

Perfect! Read the complete guide to Pinterest success: Pinterest Marketing 101 Bundle eBook, and you'll be driving THOUSANDS of monthly pageviews to your website in no time!

As a struggling blogger and e-commerce owner, I get it. I couldn't figure out how to drive traffic to my site. After HOURS of research on how to grow, I cracked the Pinterest code. This guide is literally all my secrets!

Good luck my friend! May we be successful together :) After purchasing this eBook bundle, you should receive it by email.

- Adrianna Zakher, Pinterest Marketer & Founder of Kordial Media

In this eBook, you'll get ALL THIS:

1. Pinterest secrets people don’t want you to know.

2. How to optimize your Pinterest settings for optimal growth.

3. The key to a successful pin graphic.

4. How to scale your Pinterest page views fast.

5. The ultimate pinning strategy.

and SO much more!


"I recently purchased this ebook bundle and I love it because it goes through everything in detail for me and provides actionable steps that immediately make a difference for my Pinterest. The bundle talks about the little details that are often overlooked when you’re running a one woman show, as well as teaches me about longtail keywords and how to uplevel my descriptions. It’s only been a few days but I’m already seeing more interest in my pins and it’s starting to convert to web traffic as well!" 

- Charlotte Atkinson, film producer and founder of Charlotte Produces 

"Between the eBook bundle and Adrianna's audit, I have definitely seen some good increases on my Pinterest account and in turn, some additional traffic to my blog! I was only pinning 5 pins a day and I went up to 15 which has made a big difference in my monthly views. Also, focusing on key words and phrases has helped a lot. Thank you for the tips and the insight in the bundle Adrianna!"

- Felicia Jackson, founder of the blog Season's Best

Last ebook update was June 2021

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